Meeting House Wallekant can be booked for either half a day, an evening, a full day or multiple days. Those who rent out the house for a full day automatically get the evening included in the package deal. Groups of up to 14 people can enjoy their lunch and eat together at the communal table in the kitchen. The client chooses the table arrangement in the meeting room. Various closed and open set-ups offer space for up to 24 participants. Opting for a theatre set-up without tables is obviously also possible.


(Excluding TAV)

  • Morning

    380 €

  • Afternoon

    380 €

  • Evening

    275 €

  • Entire day

    650 €

This always includes the entire house, including a full fridge, fruit and snacks. Catering is always completely customised. Some options: breakfast, sandwiches, light lunch, home catering, bring your own food or cook in the kitchen.

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We have special offers for the social sector, non-profit associations, …

Meeting house reservation

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