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Nice to meet you

Hello, I am Chris.

I am your hostess here at Wallekant. I make you feel at home in our house from the moment you arrive. I welcome you personally, show you around and then … well, I leave everything up to you. Our house is entirely yours. Literally.

As soon as your party is complete, I disappear. And if you need me, I’ll be there immediately. A simple phone call is all it takes.

Hello, I am Gust.

I am mainly present behind the scenes. I make sure that all the equipment in our house works properly and I assist Chris whenever and wherever I can. As such, I am also happy to lend a hand in preparing for your arrival.

During your presence, I am here only when necessary. And at the end of your day. This is because I am always curious about your experiences at Wallekant.

From birthplace …

Over 100 years ago, this house was still the gardener’s house of Castel Heizyde next door. Since mid-20th century, it was occupied by Chris’s parents and their four children. And her grandmother also lived here for a while.

The house continued to serve as a kangaroo home afterwards as Chris and Gust also lived here in the first three years of their marriage.

… to meeting house

After we had bought the house from the family in 2014, it was thoroughly gutted, renovated and modernised in 2015. It was also renamed Vergaderhuis Wallekant at that time.

The result is worth seeing (even if we say so ourselves). Not only does the combination of old and new elements result in a beautiful whole, today it is also an excellent location for meetings with colleagues, professional discussions, training courses, …

Actually, it is pretty much your home today.

What we can offer you?

At Vergaderhuis Wallekant, we like to take your concerns off your hands. This allows you and your team to concentrate fully on what really counts. Everything is included: from flipcharts to a well-stocked fridge, catering, relaxation and more.

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