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… into a Meeting House …

In 2014 we, being Chris and Gust, bought the family home. The following 15 months we put our all into the renovations, together with our cousin, architect Wouter Van Den Broeck.

Today Meeting House Wallekant offers a harmonious balance between old and new. What once was Chris’ home has now turned into an exquisite location for meetings, trainings and other types of professional conferences.

… with our own stamp

The only people working in Wallekant are the two of us, making it our own passion project.

We take care of each team with a lot of dedication and love. Next to that Chris adds a touch of art, bringing in paintings/photographs of local artists alongside Chris’ own sculptures.

This project – bursting with our own DNA – is a little gem which we feel proud of and energised from, each and every single day.

Who are we?

We – Chris and Gust – met each other at the “social school” in Brussels. We were and still are driven to make a difference for other people. 40 years later we now follow our own hearts to make sure you and your team get the best experience possible.

Chris(tine) Van Den Broeck

I am the youngest of a family of four siblings and I was born in this house.

From the get-go I went into the social sector. I followed a training to become a social assistant and later on I graduated as a contextual family therapist.

I have 35 years of experience under my belt in, amongst others, the CLB (centre of student aid) and the Medical Pedagogical Institute for children- and youth psychiatry. I am a co-founder of ‘t Dak (“the Roof”) and De Poort (“The Gate”): shelters for the homeless.

Gust De Wit

After my social studies I went straight into personnel work and business.

I went through just about all aspects of ‘Human Resources’ in 30 years. I was the Human Resources Director at 5 different companies.

Since 2013 I’ve been working as an HR-consultant, trainer and coach. I guide companies and teams to ensure they attain better results.

By going through these different work settings I experienced the necessity of finding a suitable setting for strategic meetings or workshops around team buildings. Wallekant is the key answer to that necessity.

What do we have to offer?

At Meeting House Wallekant we gladly take care of you. This way you and your team can fully focus on what really matters. Everything is included in the price: flipcharts, filled-up fridge, catering, relaxation, … you name it!

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